Cold Rooms

Designed for heavy duty

Pro XS products are designed for heavy-duty and daily use. Every little detail of every product we deliver is of the highest quality.

Designed to use, designed for you

We supply a wide variety of doors and windows for use with our standard cold stores. These doors and windows can be installed where required. Additionaly, Pro XS offers smart solutions like folding platforms and automatic shutting devices.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

Sustainibility and energy efficiency are the two pillars for our design and construction process. We use A-rated cooling supplements and polyurethan foam for insulation purposes. This foam offers a low GWP (Global Warming Potential <0,1) and a low ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). In addition to this, the polyurethane insulated panels offer a high insulation value. The available panels range in thickness from 100 to 200mm.

Freezing store

Humidity and vapour negatively affect the effective operation of freezing stores. When vapour is cooled, it condenses and at the point where the temperature reaches 0°C, it freezes to form ice. This ice would damage the store insulation and as a result negatively affect the efficiency and capacity of your coldstore. To prevent this type of damage to the store insulation, a vapour prevention barrier is installed on the ‘warm’ side of the insulation. This barrier covers every millimetre of the insulation around the structure. A double insulation layer is used on top of the floor’s vapour prevention barrier.


The door plays a major role in the total logistic concept of a coldstore or cold room. The amount of energy you use is severly affected by the amount of times you open and close the door. The right choice of door could save you up to 30% on your energy bill. The right door reduces the rooms’ energy wastage and imrpoves its insulation values. It will further reduce the risk of damp air coming into the room and the negative effect of ice formation.

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Pro XS has developed a unique doorconcept for coldstore users who use heavy transport vehicles. The insulating sliding doors are available in a range of (fireproof) finishes and colours. These unique, robust and solid wide doorframes offer extra protection and secure an airtight seal.