S1400 Cold snelloopdeur

S1400 cold high-speed door

Cold store measurements:
width: max. 5000 mm
height: max. 5000 mm
Freeze store measurements:
width: 4000 mm
height: max. 4000 mm
opening speed: approx. 2 m/sec
closing speed: approx. 0.5 m/sec
The S1400 cold high-speed door, when mounted on the ‘warm’ side, comes standard with heating in the side guide.When mounted on the ‘warm’ side, the door can be provided with a protective cover for the winding shaft and the drive.When installed within the freeze store room, the winding shaft and drive are also fitted with a heating ribbon. Standard the S1400 Cold is fitted with a robust aluminium bottom ledge that contains a detection of anything passing underneath.