PRO XS works for years together with Kingspan. Kingspan delivers all the panels for coldstores, coldromes and insulationsystem construction. When PRO XS receives the panels they cut them to the right dimension for the project.


Safety is the number one priority for companies. So also at PRO XS, therefore we work with PIR-Panels. PIR-Panels are fire retardant panels which can be used for all projects, from cold rooms to big industrial buildings. The last few year PIR become a username to indicate the fire classification. Thicknesses vary from 50mm to 220mm en the lengths 1800mm to 16.500mm. The PIR-Panels give a good isolation and also a optimal fire retardant, the thickest variant of 220mm gives you a fire retardant of  75 minutes. Firecertificate 175mm

KS1100 CS Coldstore

The KS1100 CS system offers an overall solution for roofs, façades and ceilings in projects that are very demanding as to temperature control. These sandwich panels can be applied in cold stores, freeze stores, pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms and foodstuffs industry as well as in projects with high requirements as to hygiene.

Technical specifications KS1100 CS:

  • Effective width 1100 mm.
  • Long-lasting thermal, structural and aesthetic reliability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Visible mounting.
  • Suitable for walls, ceilings and roofs.
  • Available in lengths up to 16,000 mm.
  • Thickness from 50 mm up to 220 mm.

Coatings en kleuren

Various coatings can be applied to the panels and are available in all colours.

The coatings are:

  •  Internal coating
  • Polyurethane coating (also available in metallic)
  • Plastisol coating (leather patterned)
  • Coatings available at for instance high air humidity, HACCP application or
  • aggressive environments.