Facade refurbishment

Facade refurbishment

Is your schoolbuilding, nursing home or office building in need of renovation? We can do this using our Pro XS prefab insulationpanels. We arrange everything for you: from the design and obtaining permits up to the point of completion.

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Facade refurbishment en renovation: fast and clean

With Pro XS prefab insulation we complete your facade refurbishment and renovation fast and clean. Because we use prefab insulation panels, the disturbance for residents and neighbours are kept to a minimum. Prefab means that delivery takes place just before the installation commences ensuring an efficient, clean and fast way of completing the job.

Sustainable and pleasing to the eye

Our prefab components will give your building a bright new look. After the renovation your building will meet all current requirements and will last for decades to come. Pro SX prefab insulation meets all FSC and PEFC standards. This means that the wood contained in the building components are sourced from responsibly kept forests.

Operation focused facade refurbishment and renovation

During the execution of your renovation projects, we closely monitor the environmental effects. Additionally, we take energy-efficiency and maintenance costs into consideration. We use top quality insulation with high insulation values to lower the energy costs as well as to enhance your comfort of living. Using these low-maintenance panels will help you save on any future maintenance costs.

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complete solutions in facade refurbishment and renovation

We offer a complete solution for your renovation requirements. We keep the lines of communication short by appointing one single contact person, who is a refurbishment professional. This way, we try to keep the renovation costs low by offering clear and transparent advice and quotations for your project. You will know exactly what to expect. A complete solution also means that our after-care team will check the project carefully after completion and provide any further services required. By working this way, there will be no hidden clauses, costs or catches: we’ll take care of everything for you.