roof panels

PRO XS uses Kingspan roof panels. Kingspan provides all necessary roof panels. We use various kinds of roof panels, in which we differentiate as to efficiency, price and durability.

Type of roof panels:

  • KS1000 RW + SRW
  • KS1000 XS
  • KS1000 CR
  • KS1000 RW

KS1000 RW

The KS1000 RW roof- and façade-system can be installed as either a roof or a façade application, offering a final result that is both economical and aesthetic. Applied to roofs, it is possible to mount the system at a minimum slope of 4°. The KS1000 RW roof- and façade-system is mounted visibly.

Roof-RW KS1000 RW

Technical specifications of KS1000 RW:

  • 1000 mm effective width.
  • Reliable thermal performance from Rc = 2.0 up to 7.52 m2.K/W
  • KS1000 RW is available in lengths up to 29,300 mm.
  • Suitable for all kinds of applications in new buildings and renovations.

KS1000 SRW

The SRW panel is an insulated sandwich panel with corrugated profiling. Many pitched roofs installed over the past decades were fitted with corrugated sheets containing asbestos cement or fibre cement. In the present panel this is not the case, and therefore it is in regular demand by, among others, boards supervising building regulations as regards external appearance.


Technical specifications KS1000 SRW:

  • Thermal performance from Rc = 2.2 up to 4.1 m2.K/W
  • The variable cutback for panel-end lapping will be 10 mm to 300 mm.
  • Inside there is a standard lining of Bright White Polyester steel sheet, and it can be carried out in steel sheet with a Farmsafe, Foodsafe or Aquasafe coating.

KS1000 XD

The X-Dek Longspan Roof system is constructed from a profile sheet, insulation core and a smooth sheet with a membrane lining, a layer of bitumen or steel, to be installed splashproof in a day. After fitting, the roof is so waterproof that the building process can continue. No matter the remaining building activities, the final roofing can then be scheduled.

TopSpan KS1000 XD

Technical specifications KS1000 XD:

  •  No screws on the visible side.
  • Because the insulation is already attached to the roofing sheet, less damp accumulates during installation.
  • The roofer can start his roofing activities right away a day after the installation team has fitted around 1000 m2.
  • Fire class B-s2,d0
  • Guaranteed lasting high insulation value after wear.

KS1000 CR

The KS1000 CR insulated roof system is specially designed for use on concave or convex roofs with a minimal radius of 150 metres. This unique application offers you the possibility to realize a curved roof with sandwich panelling. Due to the specially designed panel-end lapping, sideways connection and snap-on cover cap attached to this, the system is guaranteed waterproof.

Roof-CR KS1000 CR

Technical specifications KS1000 CR:

  •  Invisible fitting by way of a snap-in ledge.
  • Available in steel and aluminium.
  • Minimum radius of 150 metres.
  • Obtainable in lengths up to 29,300 mm.