Façade panels

PRO XS uses sandwich panels of the Kingspan brand. Kingspan’s invisibly mounted architectural sandwich panels for façades offer designers a wide selection of products for aesthetic horizontal and vertical application to façades. These sandwich panels are available in the widths 600, 900 and 1000 mm. The maximum length of the panels is 17,000 mm.

Advantages of the sandwich panels:

  • Fast and simple mounting.
  • Due to the considerable span, no expensive steel construction is necessary.
  • The insulation value remains constant over the years.
  • Simple integration of door and window frames.

Because of the various kinds of profiles one may create all sorts of visual effects. Architects can benefit from this, giving your project a modern appearance by way of a relatively simple product.

Types of profiling PRO XS works with:

Euro Box                             Micro Rib                            Flat                                   PL



Technical specifications sandwich panels:

  • Invisibly mounted
  • Available up to a length of 17,000 mm
  • Tested and certified as to fire safety
  • Reliable thermal performance from 1.9 up to 6.7 m2.K/W
  • Can be applied both horizontally and vertically


The panels are obtainable with various coatings, consisting of an internal coating, polyester coating and PVDF. The panels are moreover available in all possible colours. One can adapt the coatings to the type of enterprise. Each type of building needs its own kind of coating. The panels are therefore not only usable for company structures, but also in medical buildings, hotels, educational and retail edifices as well as council housing.

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