Construction work in steel, aluminium and rvs

We design, innovate and produce construction work for all sorts of customers in various types of industry. We transform your wishes into efficient and capacity-increasing constructions.

Our field is very wide, include:

  • Food industry
  • Bulk industry
  • Transhipment companies
  • Gravel and sand extraction
  • Typesetting for systemconstruction

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Ons machinepark voor plaat- en constructiewerk

PRO XS has his own machines for sheetmetal and construction work and specialized itself in construction work. PRO XS can make all the sheetmetal and construction work for a building with those machines. This ensures a fast delivery with high quality.

Products made from those machines:

  • Trimparts for roof and wall caldding
  • Gutter systems with EPDM

We do not only use steel, but also a lot aluminium for roof and wall cladding.
All our employees are qualified to work with both materials.

Werktekeningen voorbeelden plaat- en constructiewerk